Corporate Information


President and CEO  Kasahara Mitsuo

Message from the President

In order to respond to our customers' trust with better quality and service, President and CEO Kasahara Mitsuo speaks here representing one part of the KITZ Group, an all-around valve manufacturer.


KITZ SCT’s manufacturing

KITZ SCT performs material procurement(receiving), completion inspection, to shipment in-house. In particular, the polishing process including electro-polishing is positioned as our core technology, and our own polishing facilities are designed in-house to establish a quality system and realize diversified production of small-volume products under an integrated system.

Commitment to quality

Commitment to quality

KITZ SCT group's manufacturing is based on delivering customer-required products with better quality in the necessary quantity as needed. What supports manufacturing under such a concept is the innovative production system "KICS"(KITZ SCT Innovative and Challenging System).

Development and Production System

Development and Production System

At KITZ SCT, in order to consistently provide highly reliable products leading to customer satisfaction, we have integrated development and design, quality assurance, production management, manufacturing, and sales toward the development of new products.