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General Catalog

The KITZ SCT General Product Catalog is available. To download, right-click "Catalog PDF" and then "Save as.

*The catalog content is information current as of catalog publication.
 Please note that some specifications, etc., may have changed.
*For product CAD/diagram data, see "CAD/Diagrams."

Product catalogs by category

Ultra high purity gas valves

A list of KITZ SCT ultra high purity gas valves, boasting high reliability and high durability, is available.

Ultra high purity gas fittings

Mechanical joint type CVC and mainly welding type SCM and SCF fittings can be viewed.

Vacuum valves

Vacuum valves (bellows valves, butterfly valves, ball valves, square gate valves, etc.) can be viewed.

Thermoplastic valves

PFA diaphragm valves for wet systems can be viewed.

Thermoplastic fittings

These PFA fusion welding fittings handle high-level requirements: clean, lightweight, compact, and with no leakage.

Wet systems

KITZ SCT manufactures various equipment in response to customer requirements.

New product catalogs

SCV submersible valves® KD-S Series

These valves are suited to atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes.

SCV submersible valves® TD-S Series
These valves, supporting integrated gas systems, are usable in high-temperature environments.
High-pressure diaphragm valves NRD Series

These valves support high pressure with a wide flow rate range.

High-speed, high-cycle life valves

These valves balance high-speed open/close, high durability, heat resistance, and Cv stability.

High-speed, high-cycle life valves TDF4

Supporting atomic layer deposition (ALD) processes. These valves balance high-speed open/close, high durability, and Cv stability.

CVC fittings LockAssist®

This is a safety fixture preventing loosening due to vibration.

Replaceable seat valves

These valves enable easy seat and diaphragm replacement.

Diaphragm valves with relief function

These valves have a safety function.


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